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  • Renee Fleuranges-Valdes

Such crazy times!

Hi, first of all I hope you are reading this healthy and surviving this crazy COVID-19 world we are living in. I have settled into a routine, one that includes making masks as I am sure many of you are doing. I have also been creating a lot of new work and will begin blogging about that next week. It does feel good to be back in the studio creating. Seems there is always something in my head trying to get out and onto fabric. Right now I am on hold as so many mask makers went crazy looking for supplies and it appears many used Wonder Under Fusible Web, Pellon 805, as a filter and lo and behold you can't seem to get it anywhere!! I am scouring the web looking for some, but without it the fusing of my appliqué pieces will come to a halt :-(...

In the meantime, here is a view of some of the masks I have been making. The last few are actually made with nose metal from the Sheet Metal Workers Union! So happy that they finally caught up with all the requests to take them up on their generous offer of supplying strips of metal for masks. As you know a good fit means all the difference in our safety, and I really didn't like the idea of putting wire in a mask and having folks wear them. What if the wire poked thru after a couple of wears/washes... no thank you, I didn't want to be responsible for someones loss of sight on top of all this crazy covid stuff. But now I can safely add the nose clamp and it is so light you don't know it is in there. 😊❤️. I tried using as much batik fabric for my masks as possible, due to the tighter weave and the lighter weight fabric so the masks would be as breathable as possible, while still being effective.

Anyway... here you go... Be safe everyone.

Yes, I made my own ties, for most of the masks... some I did try grosgrain ribbons. But I felt the cotton ties, gave a tighter fit, which made the mask more effective, and it also stayed lighter longer than the ribbon. I didn't want to use elastic, because when wearing for long periods of time, some don't find the elastic comfortable, nor is it easily adjusted based on the size of the person's head.

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