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Pathways didn't start out as a series.  In fact, I had been having conversations with friends on how crazy life can be at times.  Starting out one way and sometimes quickly, other times very slowly, changing paths.  During one of these conversations, I thought, wow wouldn't that make a great quilt...  but I just tucked that idea in the back of my head and never really thought about it again.

Fast forward a couple of years and one of my fiber art groups issues a challenge.  The challenge was to create a simulated Kimono.  Simulated meaning it should look like a Kimono when the three pieces were laid side by side.  And must I say I was taken aback when given the dimensions...  (1) 19' x 50" and (2) 19" x 11" sections, that when flanked on either side of the center piece would look like a Kimono.  Well, while struggling with the concept, a wandering path, similar to a Japanese garden came to mind... hey a narrow 50" design seemed just the thing for a path and quickly my pathway series came to life.


The concept morphed again, when I started working on the second piece, Which Path Would You Take, and I have thoroughly enjoyed following the wandering pathway in this piece as well as SeaGlass Path.

Please take a moment to enjoy the detail shots on this page.  Full detail on a piece, can be found on the main Gallery page.


Which Path Will You Take?

Sea Glass Path

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