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Masks of the World

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The Faces We Wear1.jpeg

As many people travel, they collect masks from the countries they visit.  As a child I always wondered why people always had wooden masks on their walls, like faces from far away places.  Initially, I was a little spooked by it.  But then I grew up and realized how relevant masks are.  Believe it or not, practically everyone wears one at different times.  Think about it...  we all wear many different masks in our daily lives and show a different side of ourselves depending on who we are dealing with.  As I grew more comfortable with the concept of showing a different you, at different times, I began to appreciate the symbolization of collecting masks.  Sort of who do I want to me today?  Kind of cool, isn't it?  So, since I have only acquired one mask in my travels, I decided to make my own.  Folks seem to like to decorate with them, so these provide you another option.  Just in case you don't have any far away places on your dance card in the near future!

Please take a moment to enjoy the detail shots on this page.  Full detail on a piece, can be found on the main Gallery page.

The Shine Within


Invincible Spirit

Majestic Lord of Nature

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