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Coloring your life, one quilt at a time.

All artwork is for sale, unless otherwise stated.  If you see something you like that is marked 'SOLD' or 'NFS', please send me a message and we can discuss how I can create something similar, just for you.  Remember, these are one of a kind pieces, so no two will ever be exactly the same, but I am sure we can come close to the look and feel.

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On Angels Wings

Having loved ones around is always a blessing. But I am confident my Loved Ones are forever near. They are my guardian angels forever. I am sure yours are as well. Materials: Cotton and polyester fabric. Cotton, silk and polyester threads. Swarovski crystals. 25" x 29" 2023

Ancestral Blessings

Inspired by a dream about my Maternal Grandmother, Ancestral Blessings is a reminder that the people we hold dear, are guiding our daily lives, never far from our heart. We hear them in our mind as we tackle our daily tasks, and they guide our subconscious as we are faced with difficult decisions. When we listen to their words, we are safe in our journey. Materials: Cotton, silk and polyester fabrics; cotton, silk and polyester threads; Swarovski cyrstals. 37" x 39" 2023

Foerever in My Heart

Having loved ones around is always a blessing. But I am confident my Loved Ones are forever near. They are my guardian angels forever. I am sure yours are as well. Materials: Cotton and polyester fabric. Cotton, silk and polyester threads. Swarovski crystals. 25" x 29" 2023

Akofena:  Defender of the Land

Warrior Woman Series #4 Rising from a cloud made of raw cotton from the McCleod Plantation in Charleston, SC .... Akofena is here to defend our ancestral rights to land ownership. She symbolizes our ascension from working the land, to owning land, to our duty of land stewardship. Blazed into her shield are the principles she defends: Freedom, Equal Access, Equity, Multigenerational Wealth, Land Stewardship, and Home Ownership. SIZE: 72" x 66" 2022

Curvy Lady:  Innovative

Move in the body you have. Wear what makes you comfortable and allows your body to move. Get out and celebrate you. Inspiration: Kaona Greene SIZE: 18" x 30" 2021

Curvy Lady:  Eloquent

Articulate, Inspirational, Influencer... Yes, be that women. Know how to use your voice and show the world what you have to say. Inspiration: Toni Morrison and Maya Angelou SIZE: 18" x 30" 2021

Curvy Lady:  Invincible

No matter what the world throws at you, learn to define yourself and take no prisoners. A confident risk taker is a powerful opponent. Step out and show off! Inspiration: Ashley Graham SIZE: 18" x 30" 2021

Curvy Lady:  Resilient

Life throws curveballs and tries to take you down, but when you have the ability to bounce back, and do it with a smile, your star will continue to shine. Sooner or later, those balls will pass you by. Inspiration: Stacey Abrams SIZE: 18" x 30" 2021 Photo Credit: Tami Photography LLC

Curvy Lady:  Valiant

Courage and determination can take you far. Never be afraid to show them what you are made of. Inspiration: Supreme Court Justice Sonia Satomayor SIZE: 18" x 30" 2021 Photo Credit: Tami Photography LLC

Curvy Lady:  Dynamic

Be you, do you! Don't let others place you in a box. Take charge of your future and you can be all that and more. Inspiration: Aretha Franklin SIZE: 18" x 30" 2021 Photo Credit: Tami Photography LLC

Curvy Lady:  Powerful

Poised, Proud and Strong. A graceful, quiet position of power, sets you above the rest Inspiration: Michelle Obama SIZE: 18" x 30" 2021 Photo Credit: Tami Photography LLC

Simple Pleasures:  Let It Flow

When the spirit moves you, no matter where you are, no matter if you are alone or not, just dance. Do you! Make the best of any situation, especially the wonders of Mother Nature. Just go with it! SIZE: 20' x 20" 2020

Simple Pleasures:  Summer Breeze

The wind through your hair, the colors of the evening sunset, and music playing softly in the background. These ladies are enjoying a warm summer night, just hanging loose and being free. SIZE: 20" x 20" 2020

Simple Pleasures:  Fun In the Sun

Hanging out with your girls, on the beach in the summer is what life is all about. SIZE: 36" x 32" 2020

Inner Strength

Nguvu Za Ndani: Inner Strength, is my second piece in my Warrior Woman Series. The influence for this piece comes from the movie Black Panther, when I saw the female warriors and not only their fierceness, but also their inner strength.

Center Stage

Pow! Never forget how great you are. Put it out there for all the world to see. Take center stage and let the glory of who you are shine through for all to see 😘 SIZE: 60" x 60" 2019

Yass Girl!

When you dance, you spirit is free, your soul is at peace. So much so, it can feel as if you don't have a care in the world… and when that is the case, there is no better feeling in the world. Size: 17.25" x 19" 2019

We Got You:  Your Roots are Strong & Ple

Created for the 2019 North Charleston African American Fiber Festival Exhibit, entitled Black Gold. This piece represents the strength of the black culture, the roots laid down by our ancestors, for us to stand upon. There are names of 33 African American males embroidered into the piece. Men who have contributed to society in various fields. SIZE: 58" x 58" 2019


MaskTime! Series: the second in a series, this piece celebrates the serious self. When you want to look someone straight in the eye and say, Yes, I Am Fierce! Size: 22" x 22" 2017

Gypsy Rose

Ring that bell, dance to your own music and influence others to come along for the ride! Flowers add an element of nature to enhance your mood. SIZE: 14" x 36" 2015

On Pointe!

Dancers represent the quintessential female.. always on, always ready, always in control. The physical strength required to dance on point, can rhetorically be compared to that of a women, who is not only herself, but also a wife, mother, professional and care giver all rolled into one.... strong, bold, flexible and yes, always on point! Size: 18" x 36" 2015

The Lady to Watch

She dances with passion.. as she enters the room all eyes turn. Her presence fills the dance hall, yet she never looks beyond her partner. As she passes under the arbor to exit, all eyes follow, wondering who is she? Quite simply, she is... The Lady to Watch. Size: 18" x 27.5" 2015

Paisley Visions

Have you ever imagined something, but couldn't see your way to whatever was supposed to be the end? The center of this piece came to me quite clearly in a dream, but then it sat for years, until I dreamed in set on point surrounded in purple. Size: 33" x 33" 2013

Pathways Series: #1

I enjoy connecting with people and my art is just one vehicle. "Pathways" symbolizes the many roads we travel to accomplish our goals in life. Made as part of a challenge by my fiber art group, FANE, to create a piece of art in the shape of a Kimono. (1) 19" x 50" (2) 19" x 11" 2011

Flowing Lines

Easy flowing curves soothes the soul, just like as if you were sitting on the beach listening to the waves come ashore. Size: 24" x 20"

A Blaze of Glory

It's all about the details. Big, small, pointy or curvy, details stand out. Enjoy all the details as this piece focuses on little things to make a big impact. SIZE: 34" x 34" 2010

Mis Hijos

Adapted from a picture of my two children, this was a study of the facial collage method taught by Bisa Butler. NFS

Circular Geese

A lesson in drafting was made easy with Paula Nadelstein's gorgeous kaleidoscope fabric as inspiration. These circular flying geese were my first attempt at designing my own geometric pattern. 2009

Feel The Spirit

Sometimes the music just hits you, and no matter where you are, or who you are with, you just have to move! Size: 4" x 12" 2019 SOLD

In Service

SOLD Colonel Charles Young, Buffalo Soldier

Shades of Misty

Inspired by Misty Copeland (Principle Dancer American Ballet Theatre), ballerinas of all shades come together to inspire others, while dancing in the garden. Size: 53" x 40" 2016 SOLD

Let's Hear It For The Girls

We are truly in our glory, when we have our 'girls' around us. That social bonding provides a strong base for everything that comes at us. So as we each go off and do our thing, let's remember 'our girls' got our back! Size: 50" x 40" 2015 SOLD

Curvy Lady:  Passionate

No need to be in the front of the line. Remember, life isn't a sprint, but a marathon. Dig deep and show the world just how much you want it, just how hard you are willing to go for it. Surprise them with your spirit and see just how far you will go. Inspiration: Corretta Scott King SIZE: 18" x 30" 2021 SOLD Photo Credit: Tami Photography LLC

Majestic Lord of Nature

5th in my Masks of the World series, Majestic Lord of Nature conjures up feelings of peace and tranquillity. Communing with nature allows us to relax and renew our spirit. The earth tones of this piece are meant to do the same thing, to ground us, and allow us to take the time to enjoy our surroundings. She is providing us a path back to the beginning, back to a time, when stopping to enjoy the goodness of the earth was cherished. SIZE: 33" x 35" 2020 SOLD

Fire Dancer

Music and dance transcend all cultures and for many is an integral part of daily and community life. No matter what the role, dance enriches all engaged, no matter if dancer or observer. Size: 30" x 36" 2015 SOLD


Dance is such a fulfilling art. Whether jazz, rumba, tap or ballet, our body's movements convey our true self gracefully, showing the world just who we are. A Prima ballerina is on the top of the world! Size: 18" x 36" 2019 SOLD

Simple Pleasures:  An Angel Among Us

Inspired by the James Island, SC, Angel Oak Tree's beauty and the peace and tranquillity of the area, I placed my sisters and I on a bench as we enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer. One of my sisters, has transitioned, and so she is represented by her wings, stitch lightly with silver thread. 20" x 20" 2022 SOLD

In Tune With Nature

Working in such a small space can be challenging, but she has figured out a way to get it in. Size: 4" x 12" 2019 SOLD

Shake That Thing

Life is short and too often we forget that our inner being needs feeding, we forget to express ourselves in a way that makes us happy. In this piece it is clear, she is doing her thing! Size: 18" x 36" 2019 SOLD

In The Spotlight

From sketchpad to fabric was not quick. This guy waited on paper for four years until I found the right background fabric. He is dancing to the beat of the fire drums, showing he too, is all that. SIZE: 31" x 28" SOLD Public Collection: The Spencer Museum of Art, Lawrence, Kansas, USA

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Using a woven background made from a variegated fabric, these are two of my earliest dancers. Raw edge appliqué with thread play. SOLD

Knock, I am here for you!

I made this piece in answer to a challenge by one of my fiber art groups, to make a quilt which by itself was an architectural element. This was such a great challenge for me, I totally enjoyed it. SOLD

Sistah Chat

Incorporating many different techniques, these two ladies are enjoying a nice evening chat in the courtyard, with a gorgeous sunset in the background. SOLD

Pathways:  Which Path Will You Take

Life does not take a straight path, instead it winds us along a curvy path, sometimes in circles. But don't fret, those curves are meant to take you right where you are meant to be. SOLD

Swinging Willows

The graceful movement of willow trees remind me of an orchestrated dance. These ladies move as one, synchronized, as if they were swinging willows on a summers night. SOLD

Mask Series:  Masks of the World

We all wear many different masks in our daily lives and show a different side of ourselves depending on who we are dealing with. This series deals with the ceremonial masks of the life. SOLD

Fishing Sisters

A tribute to my father. With 4 daughters and no sons, he taught his girls to fish. 3 of us acquired his love for the sport. NFS

Warrior Woman

Fierce, strong and brave... traits found in every woman... if she is willing to let you in. SOLD

Mask Series:  The Shine Within

It is said that our eyes are the windows to our souls. Let your eyes show your spirit, your grit, your joy. SOLD

Dream Big Series:  Leap of Faith

Inspired by Misty Copeland and the 50th Anniversary of Man's walk on the moon. They both stepped out on faith. SOLD

Dream Big Series: On Top of MY World

Inspired by Misty Copeland and the 50th Anniversary of Man's walk on the moon. After years of work, when you finally make it, you feel as if you are on top of the world! SOLD

Dream Big Series:  Why Not?

Inspired by Misty Copeland and the 50th Anniversary of Man's walk on the moon. Moonlight reflecting off the water makes it seem as if anything is possible, and quite frankly why isn't it? SOLD

Dream Big:  Giving it All I Have

Inspired by Misty Copeland and the 50th Anniversary of Man's walk on the moon. So many times life just seems unbearable. When it is, I think of a something my grandmother used to say 'suck it up and get on with it.' Til this day, I still credit her for my ability to give it everything I have, until I reach my goals. SOLD

Dream Big:  Reach for the Moon

Inspired by Misty Copeland and the 50th Anniversary of Man's walk on the moon. If you never reach for the stars, you will never get off the ground. SOLD

Dream Big Series:  Yes I Did!

Inspired by Misty Copeland and the 50th Anniversary of Man's walk on the moon. That feeling you get when you finally accomplish something you have been working so hard to achieve. Some say, don't pat yourself on the back. I say relish in the accomplishment and use it to spur you to the next level! SOLD

Pathway Series:  Sea Glass Path

When life curves puts you under water, take the time to enjoy the scenery. Smooth sea glass can be mesmerizing, calming your nerves just enough to get you back on the right path. SOLD

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