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Spencer Museum of Art Acquires "In the Spotlight"  (December 2019)

The Spencer Museum of Art, The University of Kansas, (Lawrence, Kansas) has recently acquired work by local artist, Renée Fleuranges-Valdes.  The piece, In the Spotlight, is a vibrant mix of color and texture, depicting a tribal dancer in full swing.  The quilt is typical of Renée’s vivid style.  The colorful fabric is meant to focus the viewer on the dancer, and the movement is created using intricately stitched quilting designs. Renée hopes the piece conveys the dancers joy, his love of life and his intense passion for his art.  Mrs. Fleuranges-Valdes is known for her use of bold color and high contrast in her work, in an attempt to connect with the viewer, drawing them in for a closer look, and stimulating a feeling of happiness, self confidence, and being at peace with oneself. 

In the Spotlight will become a permanent part of The Spencer Museums Women Collection.


About The Spencer Museum of Art:  With a diverse collection of more than 45,000 art objects and works of cultural significance, the Spencer is the only comprehensive art museum in the state of Kansas and serves more than 100,000 visitors annually. The Museum’s vision is to present its collection as a living archive that motivates object-centered research and teaching, creative work, and transformative public dialogue.


About the Artist:  Renée Fleuranges-Valdes, is an award winning fiber artist whose work uses dance and the human body, to delve into the joys of life.  Renée has been quilting for almost 20 years and has moved from traditional utilitarian quilts to almost exclusively art quilts, meant to hang on the wall.  Her work can be found in private collections, and can be viewed at quilt shows, gallery exhibitions, and museums across the United States.  Renée resides in North Charleston, SC with her husband, where she relocated to after retiring from a 38 year career at IBM in NY.  She holds a BS in Biology from Syracuse University, Utica Campus.  The couple has two adult children.  They were drawn to the Charleston area for retirement because of it’s focus on art and culture.