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While not always intentional, working in a series can be very fulfilling.  Usually when I create, I have so many ideas in my head, it can be almost paralyzing.  Many times I will take the time to do a series of sketches, but at times I find that draining and in the end, the finished piece looks nothing like the original sketch.  I think it is because once I start working with the colorful fabric, it will often take me in a direction I had no intention of going.  But that is the fun of creating original art.... there are no rules, and you get to do what ever you want!  What can be better than that?


When I first started creating my own designs, I found myself doing a lot of similar work and was told...  oh that's ok, many of the best artist work in series.  But to be honest, I don't call some of my early work series, and you won't see them here.  Why?  Because much of it was experimentation.  I tried many different styles and techniques, until I found my own rhythm.  Here you will find my current series.  I still have work in me in all of these series, so I am sure over time, you will find more pieces here.  But that's ok, just a reason to visit my site, over and over again!   

  • Pathways

  • Warrior Women

  • Masks of the World

  • Simple Pleasures

  • Curvy Lady

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