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Warrior Women


For some reason, the man is always looked at as the protector, the fighter, the warrior.  From history we see men marching off to war, while the women, the females, stay at home and take care of the family... cooking, cleaning and in some cultures gardening.  But Greek mythology tells us about the Amazon warriors...  the daughters of Ares and Harmonia, that they were brutal and aggressive, and their main concern in life was war.

But imagine a female warrior, whose strength was not only determined by the size of her muscles or her prowess on the battlefield, but a women warrior who also drew her strength from her intellect and could out maneuver any man in a game of skill.  

These are the Warrior Women, who take shape in my art.  A women who is strong, and skilled in the ways of war, but also one who is passionate, and kind in the ways of life.


Please take a moment to enjoy the detail shots on this page.  Full detail on a piece, can be found on the main Gallery page.

Warrior Princess

Nguvu Za Ndani: Inner Strength

Akofena:  Defender of the Land

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