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Artist Statement

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Welcome to my site!  I am passionate about quilting and so happy you have decided to stop by. 
Please don't hesitate to drop me a line if you have any questions!

It has taken me awhile to attach the word 'artist' to my name.  I have played with so many art forms over the years, experimenting, and finding my voice. Quilting has become my PASSION!  I am known for the bright colored fabric and use them to bring joy and movement to my work.  I LOVE the process of creating texture via intricate machine quilting, resulting in a piece that draws you in, to get a closer look.  One of my trademarks is the use of crystals, yarns, ribbons and other tidbits to enhance the visual impact to my work. 


I think quilting allows me to express a part of me that has been tucked away for so many years, as I focused on career, being a wife and a mother.  How freeing is it to sit down and create whatever your heart tells you to make.  Who cares how 'good' it is, as long as it makes you happy?  One of the things I learned early on was that I could define what a 'quilt' was to me.  I didn't have to follow a pattern, I didn't have to get permission to use the colors I liked, I didn't even have to quilt about something I knew or did.  I was allowed to just create what I wanted.  I think if we allowed children this type of creative freedom early on, we would have a lot more open minded adults in this world.  As it turned out, this freedom opened up another part of me.  I have always been social in nature, but through my quilting I became more so and this has expanded the subjects I explore through my art.  It really is amazing where something as innocent as fabric and thread can take you.


I took my first quilt class at a local shop in 1999 and haven’t looked back.  I thank the local quilt guilds, and shops at the time for helping to propel me past utilitarian quilting and into the world of Fiber Art.  I am an art quilter at heart, but will dabble in many different quilting styles.  

My quilts have been displayed throughout the United States at quilt shows and art galleries and have won many awards. I love teaching at quilt conventions as well as to quilt guilds and groups.  I am also available to lecture or judge at shows.  

I am recently retired, after 38 years in the software industry, but when I am not quilting, my husband Bob and I are known as the 'fishing and stitching' couple as we often combine road trips to satisfy both of our favorite past times, time on the water, and browsing quilt shops.  We have been blessed with two children: a daughter, Raven Valdes Kenworthy and a son, Roberto Valdes. 

Quilting Affiliations:  Pelham Quilters; Northern Star Quilt Guild; FiberArts North East (FANE) and Studio Art Quilting Association (SAQA).