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  • Renee Fleuranges-Valdes

Yes, It’s still Mask Time! (#5)... with a demo 🥰

Hey, I am getting a little better (don’t worry, I left the bloopers in), at video’g myself while I am sewing. Well, not actually a picture of myself, but a video of me sewing!

Folks are always asking me how I manage to get my embellishments so close to my appliqué. Since I was working on doing so today, I figured I would see if I could capture it, to share with you. So here we go. First an explanation and then the video.

Once my piece is totally quilted and ready to be embellished... and usually after I audition about a gazillion different trims, i measure out the one that ended up in first place, and baste it down, right on the edge of the appliqué. How I baste depends on the trim. Sometimes I hand baste with basting thread, sometimes I just have to pin, and other times, like with this piece, I add dabs of Elmers Water Soluable School Glue on the background, real close to the appliqué. It is very important to only use a dab every half inch or so, and be very careful where it goes, especially if you are using specialty fabrics and trims. I then let it sit for 24 hours. Yes, Elmer’s says it will dry in 30 minutes, but since I am normally squishing my quilt into a small space on my machine throat, I have to make sure the bond is strong. Otherwise, one fold or bend too many, and up pops the trim. Ask me how I know! Yep, been there, done that 🤪🤪🤪... multiple times. Once dried, I will usually use silk thread as close to trim color as I can find and sew it on using a straight stitch set at 1.25 on my Bernina, and an open toe foot. In this case the Bernina 20C foot on my Bernina B530 Swiss Edition sewing machine. Of course exactly where on the trim you stitch will depend on the trim, but I try to follow existing thread lines, so it isn’t noticeable.... another reason I use silk thread. I find that the invisible thread either in clear or smoke will pick up the light depending on the angle, and I don’t want it to be seen. Here I am using Superior, Kimono Silk 100wt. I also have a bunch of YLI 100wt silk. So depending on the color, I will use the one that disappears the best. Ok, that’s it. Here we go... now don’t laugh at my video skills 😂

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