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  • Renee Fleuranges-Valdes

The Majestic Lord of Nature

Hi all, just thought I would share the finished piece, #5 in my mask series, here on my blog.

The Majestic Lord of Nature: The natural order of things in life always intrigues me. It is usually abundantly clear how some things are supposed to be. The natural flow, the precise pattern, the orderly nature.... we can all feel when things are just right. No not a straight line... Not a sharp turn... But yes, a gentle curve. When it is right, it is right, and we all know it. That is what this piece represents to me. From the interlocking cheek bones, to the curve of the forehead, to the heart shaped lips in red, open and ready to receive you (yes, they are upside down, but they just don’t fit any other way), to the undulating shape of the background quilting. A perfect union, aligned the way nature intended.

She was inspired by the lovely rust, earth tone Fairy Frost fabric by Michael Miller. Have you ever looked at fabric and knew it was destined to play a role in something great? Those rust tone fabrics actually started my quest to make masks, although I didn’t end up using them in the original piece. Funny how that works. 5 masks later and the right vision finally took form to meld design and cloth. She is probably one of my top two masks pieces, and I am starting to wonder if I will continue to add ’eyes’ to my masks going forward. She just screamed ’I need some eyes’, as they weren’t in my initial sketch. But then again, I always say, I work organically. Sketch or no sketch the piece tells me what it wants. Just like the blue crystals. It was all quilted and I thought it was finished, but those brown areas just spoke to me, and out the Swarovski cyrstals came. I couldn’t say no :-).

This was my final finish for 2020. She is 33.5”x35.5” and made from cotton commercial fabric; cotton batting; wool/rayon blend felt; machine appliqué; machine quilted; cotton, polyester, rayon and silk threads; polyester commercial fringe; Swarovski crystals and wooden buttons.

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