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A wedding gift... 5 3/4 years later.

I started this piece over 6 years ago in preparation for my daughters wedding. She wanted a signature quilt, and she wanted the signatures quilted into the back. That meant the back where the signatures were to be would need to be finished before the wedding... on August 31, 2014. That mission was easy and completed. At the wedding the back was displayed and the guest signed it. That part was done! Now I needed to add a border and make a front that was the same size. layer it up, align it and quilt it.

Oh did I say that she wanted their first names on the front and Mr & Mrs on the back. That she wanted the names embroidered, vs appliqués, which I excel at? Of course, she asked if it was something I could do, and of course I said yes... how could I say no to my one and only daughter!

After the wedding, I realized I was doomed.,, YIKES, I have never made a two sided quilt, and everyone knew that my embroidery skills were weak. Yes, I had an embroidery machine, but was I proficient at it, No Way! So I got the center medallion done in 2014 and felt good. But that is where it stopped... literally, I didn’t pick it back up until late 2018 in hopes of getting it finished for their 5th anniversary in 2019. I added a black border around the white medallion and again I was stuck. Oh did I say the wedding colors were red, white and black? White center square set on point, with red embroidered names and a red circular appliqué surrounding it. Now with black setting square triangles. My mind went blank... or should I say none of the ideas I came up with seemed to work... white appliqué on the black, a red piping... hmmm... so again it sat.

That is it sat while I retired, while I packed up my home of 30+years and moved 700+ miles away. It sat while I settled in, went through radiation therapy, entertained house quest after house quest..... and thenw bingo!!! I knew what it was meant to be. Not a lot of appliqué or a bunch of piecing. Instead it would be a simple center, with a Seminole pieced inner border and a large black outer border. Why.... so my quilting could shine. 😍😍

In the end, that is where I left it. My first traditionally pieced quilt, with custom traditional quilting done on my long arm. I have said it waited so long because it was waiting for me to be ready to finish it. I agree.... ❤️

Well the lucky couple has been married 5 3/4 years and they finally received the quilt.... and the LOVED it! Here you go... let’s see what you think...

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1 comentario

03 sept 2020

I just discovered you and am so pleased. I love the freedom and happiness in your work. The wedding quilt is lovely and I so understand the waiting until the time is right and the muse is there.

Me gusta
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