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Visiting an old favorite

Yes, I was actually visiting a quilt I made back in 2010 these last couple of weeks. You see I recently moved from NY to South Carolina, but no sooner than closing on the new house, I had to go back to NY for some surgery and to await the birth of my first grandchild. So for the last 3 weeks, I have been the house guest of my dear cousin and his wife... and one of the first things that greets you when you enter their home, is a quilt I made for her in 2010. I love this quilt! I had forgotten how much I loved it until I saw it everyday for 3 weeks 😁. I did some experimenting with this piece. The 3D clothing and beading, the border made by fussy cutting circles from a sold black background, only to cut them in half and applique them onto another solid back background, so that I could adjust the spacing to fit the piece. I also love the Adrinka symbols quilted and beaded into the background fabric surrounding the dancer. There is so much to look at in this piece, it just makes me smile. Funny thing, this piece had a lot of people talking, because in 2010 there was a bunch of fuss over male ballet dancers stuffing their tights in special areas... so folks kept lifting up his skirt to see if I had stuffed his briefs. LOL

Anyway, I hope you like going down memory lane as much as I do. Enjoy!!

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