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More pics from #Black Gold exhibit

So my life went boogers in the last couple of months. I sold my home and moved away from the block I have lived on for the last 60 years!!! And I don’t mean to the next city, or the next state. I am talking close to 800 miles away. That’s right, I am now a resident of South Carolina.... North Charleston to be exact. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to meet the neighbors because we moved in one day, spent the next day unpacking as much as we could, and then got up the next day and I flew back to NY. Yep, I have some business to attend to back up north, so I will be away from my new home for the next couple of weeks. But such, is life! But this means no new creating for me for awhile, because once I get home, I will have to unpack the studio before I can start creating... :-(.

So in the meanwhile, I thought I would share all that I should have shared over the last month or so, So here it is... first pics to go along with my last post from the Black Gold Show, as part of the 2019 North Charleston African American Fiber Festival.

Cookie Washington is the magician who curates this show every year. She invited me to participate for the first time about 4 years ago. You can say, she is the reason we choose the Charleston area to retire in. :-)

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