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I haven’t shared my #BlackGold entry!

So, since my last post, I have been really busy, but I promise I won’t go so long again without posting. My goal is at least one post a week, so that you have a way of keeping up with what is happening in my fiber life :-).

So that’s go back a bit. Today, I will share my May debut... “We’ve Got You Covered... our shoulders are wide and strong”. This piece was made in response to a call for entry by Torreah ‘Cookie’ Washington, in Charleston, SC, for the 2019 North Charleston Fiber Art Exhibition. The guidelines were to make a piece inspired by the words and video of the Esperanza Spaulding song... Black Gold. There were 73 pieces of fiber art excepted, a mixture of quilts, dolls and fiber art in the way of ‘coats’. From these selections, a group would be selected to travel to various museums in the state of SC, over the course of the next year. I am happy to say, that my piece was not only selected for the North Charleston exhibit, but to also as part of the traveling exhibit.

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