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  • Renee Fleuranges-Valdes

It is all coming together!

We moved to the Charleston area this past October... yes after 60 years living in the same state, in the same city of 4 square miles, on the same block (two different houses :-)), we picked up and moved over 700 miles away. Over the last 4 1/2 months we have focused on setting up our new house, and I have had the pleasure of getting my studio set up and some of my quilts hung.

Well, that is all behind me (maybe I will do a post on my new studio if you guys are interested... just comment below), but for now I want to share my new gallery wall. I used the STAS quilt hanging system and for the most part, I am pretty pleased. Their system works pretty good for small to medium size quilts, not so well as designed for large pieces, because it is designed to work without putting anything in the quilt sleeve. For my large pieces, I had to add a piece of wood in the quilt sleeve to stabilize the quilt and get them to hang flat against the wall.

Take a look.... I am happy

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04 mai 2020

Beautiful art

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